How to Reset MyKohlsCharge Forgot Password

MyKohlsCharge Forgot Password: How to Reset MyKohlsCharge Password

Kohls Corporation has developed MyKohlsCharge Website for Kohls Credit Card Users. You can Sign In to MyKohlsCharge Account with your User Name and Password. But when you have Forgot Password, you have to Reset it. By Login to MyKohlsCharge (, you can access your Kohls Credit Card Balance and other information.

Reset MyKohlsCharge Forgot Password

When you forget your Password, you have two options. Either you try to Login with the Last Password you remember or you can Reset MyKohlsCharge Password. Be careful, because your Account will be Locked if you perform more Login Attempts with Wrong Password. And once the Account is Locked, you will have to wait for at least two hours.

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MyKohlsCharge Account and Password

When you obtain Kohls Credit Card, you become eligible to shop at any Kohl’s Store and Website at In addition, you can manage your Credit Card Online on MyKohlsCharge Website at (presently known as You can create MyKohlsCharge Account with your Kohls Credit Card Number and some personal information.

When you create MyKohlsCharge Account at, you need to create a User Name and Password. These two details are most important for Kohls Credit Card Login on MyKohlsCharge Website. In case you have Forgot MyKohlsCharge Password, you can Reset it easily. Here we will provide complete guidance on What to do when you Forgot your Password and How to Reset the Password.

How to Reset MyKohlsCharge Forgot Password

When you have Forgot your Password, you can Reset it Online on MyKohlsCharge Website at But you must remember your User Name for Kohls Credit Card Login. In case you don’t remember your User Name, you cannot Reset MyKohlsCharge Password. In such circumstances, first you need to Retrieve your User Name and only then you can proceed to Reset MyKohlsCharge Forgot Password.

Before you start the MyKohlsCharge Password Reset Process, you must have some important details as mentioned below:

  • Your User Name: The MyKohlsCharge User Name which you’ve created at the time of Registration on MyKohlsCharge Website at Remember that your Email ID/Address is NOT your User Name.
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN): You have to provide the Last Four Digits of your Social Security Number. In case you have don’t have your SSN with you, first get the SSN and then begin MyKohlsCharge Password Reset Process.

Steps to Reset MyKohlsCharge Forgot Password:

[01] Obtain Temporary Password:

  1. Log on to MyKohlsCharge Website at OR
  2. Navigate to Sign In Section and see the Forgot Password link just beside the Password Box.
  3. Select the Forgot Password link to go to MyKohlsCharge Password Reset Page.
  4. Read the Important Instructions carefully.
  5. Enter your User Name correctly (the User Name is case sensitive).
  6. Thereafter, enter Last Four Digits of your SSN i.e. Social Security Number.
  7. Now click on NEXT button to proceed.
  8. Answer a few Security Questions which you have setup at the time of Registration at MyKohlsCharge.
  9. If you give Correct Answers of All Questions, you will Receive a Temporary Password on your Registered Email Address.

[02] Login with Temporary Password:

  1. Open your Mailbox to see the Temporary Password you have received from MyKohlsCharge.
  2. Note down the Temporary Password and open MyKohlsCharge Website at (OR
  3. Enter your User Name and Temporary Password.
  4. Click on Submit button to Sign In to MyKohlsCharge Account.
  5. Now you need to Create New Password for MyKohlsCharge Login.
  6. Enter New Password two times and submit it to Complete MyKohlsCharge Password Reset Process.

Important Note for New Password:

When you Create New Password for MyKohlsCharge Login, remember that your Password should be 8-20 characters in length, must contain at least one upper case and lower case letter and a minimum of one number and cannot contain any spaces or special characters.

MyKohlsCharge Customer Care Service

In case you are facing any problem in MyKohlsCharge Login or during the Forgot Password Reset Process, you should contact the Customer Care Service. MyKohlsCharge Customer Care Department is always available for your help.

  • MyKohlsCharge Customer Care Number: (855) 564 5748

You can call on Kohls Customer Care Number and explain your problem with your Account details. The MyKohlsCharge Customer Care will try to resolve your problem as fast as possible. Thereafter you can again Login to your MyKohlsCharge Account at


All the information given above about MyKohlsCharge Forgot Password is true as per best of our knowledge & research. Still if you have a doubt/query regarding How to Reset MyKohlsCharge Forgot Password, kindly contact Kohls Customer Care Number or log on to MyKohlsCharge Website at OR

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