How to Wash A Waist Trainer In A Safe Way

Waist Trainers play an important role in every woman’s life. From waist shaping to postpartum recovery, a best waist trainer can help you in many different ways. It is a piece of garment mostly made of latex or neoprene or polyester, nylon, cotton and spandex materials. Like any other garment in your closet, the waist trainer also needs some care and maintenance. Therefore it is important to know how to wash a waist trainer to take care of it and use it for years.

The waist trainers are very easy to clean, you can wash them with your hands in a few minutes. But it is highly risky to wash a waist trainer without knowing its proper procedure. Therefore we are here to explain how to wash a waist trainer in an easy way to clean it and remove all the germs, bacteria, etc. from it. If you have multiple waist trainers (i.e. corsets, cinchers, trimmers and body shapers or shapewears) then you should wash them separately.

Why Should You Wash Your Waist Trainer?

Like any other cloth or garment, your waist trainer also needs washing and cleaning time to time. When you wear a waist trainer for more than two hours or during workout, it absorbs the sweat and moisture on your body. So, the waist trainer is prone to become dirty too soon and that’s the main reason why you should wash your waist trainer on a regular basis.

When you wear a waist trainer two to three times, its inner surface gets bacteria and dirt buildup. If you sweat too much then it is possible that your waist trainer gets an unpleasant smell which you won’t like when you wear it next time. The dirt and bacteria on inner surface of the waist trainer are neither hygienic nor good for your skin or health. That’s why we strongly recommend you to wash your waist trainer regularly and always wear a clean waist trainer on your waist.

Things Required for Washing A Waist Trainer

In order to wash a waist trainer safely, you should have some cleaning items. Here we provide the list of things required for washing a waist trainer as follows:

  • A Bowl or Bucket
  • Mild Liquid Soap or Gentle Shampoo or Baby Shampoo
  • A Soft Cloth or Lathered Cloth
  • Warm Water

When you have all the above things, you are ready to wash your waist trainer at home. You should not use any detergent powder or liquid as it may contain dye or alcohol or bleach that can damage your waist trainer and may even make it permanently unusable. If you still want to use detergent then use a natural detergent that does not contain dye, alcohol, bleach and fragrances.

How to Wash A Waist Trainer: Step by Step Procedure

Washing a waist trainer is as important as washing your dress and other clothes. However, you can drop your all clothes including undergarments or lingerie into your wash machine but it is NOT recommended for a waist trainer. You must wash your waist trainer by hands only, don’t worry, it’s very simple. Here we provide the step by step procedure to wash a waist trainer in the safest and easiest way.

Method 1: For Normal Waist Trainers

  1. Get a bucket filled with lukewarm water.
  2. Add some mild liquid soap or gentle shampoo or baby shampoo into bucket and mix it well.
  3. Soak your waist trainer into soapy lukewarm water for a few seconds (maximum 1 to 2 minutes).
  4. Dunk the waist trainer several times into bucket so that it the soapy water can remove the dirt and bacteria from it.
  5. Get the waist trainer out of bucket and put it on a flat surface, please DON’T squeeze as it can easily get damaged.
  6. Get some fresh water and soak the waist trainer into it to remove all soap from it.
  7. Get the waist trainer out and check if any soap residue is there.
  8. Soak the soft cloth into fresh water and rub it on the waist trainer to remove all soap residues.
  9. Hang the waist trainer in a place of natural environment, keep it away from direct sunlight. You can use a hanger on wall or other things.

Method 2: For Sensitive Waist Trainers

If your waist trainer is more sensitive and its instructions say not to soak in water then you should wash it using this method. So, here are the simple steps for cleaning a waist trainer in a few minutes.

  1. Get a bucket filled with lukewarm water.
  2. Add some mild soap or baby shampoo into it.
  3. Put your waist trainer on a flat surface.
  4. Get the soft cloth and soak it into soapy lukewarm water.
  5. Rub the soft cloth on outer surface of your waist trainer, make sure you cover entire area and remove all dirt and stains.
  6. Rub the soft cloth on inner surface of your waist trainer, clean it well and do it twice if required.
  7. DON’T put any pressure on your waist trainer, just gently rub it to clean it.
  8. Hang the waist trainer outside so that it can dry by natural air, DON’T put it at any place under direct sunlight.

After Washing Waist Trainer: Drying and Storage

Drying and Storage of your waist trainer are as important as washing it. Therefore we will tell you how you should dry your waist trainer and store it at a safe place. Once, you are done washing your waist trainer, make sure it does not have any dirt, stains or soap/shampoo residue. If it is completely clean and containing water only then you need to put it somewhere out for drying out.

You should choose a ventilated area and not a closed room or store room. Your waist trainer requires natural air to pass through for drying it. You can hang it on a hanger, wall hanger or drying rack. Just make sure the waist trainer will NOT get any direct sunlight as it can damage the waist trainer and also cause fading & discolor effects. Wait for 8 to 24 hours so that the waist trainer can dry out completely.

When your waist trainer is dry, it is ready for storage. You must NOT iron it or roll it up to save storage space otherwise you will destroy the waist trainer. Just put it in your cloth drawer or closet with your other clothes. You can use a lingerie hanger to hang the waist trainer in the closet.

Safety Tips for Long Life of Your Waist Trainer

The life of your waist trainer depends upon how you use it and how much you take care of it. Here we provide some safety tips that can prolong your waist trainer’s usage life.

  • Keep your waist trainer at a safe place like a cloth drawer or closet.
  • Wash your waist trainer on a regular basis using a safe method given above.
  • Never use any detergent or soap containing dyes, alcohol, bleach, fragrances and other harmful chemicals.
  • Never put your waist trainer under direct sunlight.
  • Never machine wash, machine dry or iron your waist trainer.
  • Never try to roll or squeeze your waist trainer, not even when washing or cleaning it.

In this way, you can use your waist trainer for many years and get the the best result of an attractive figure to look more beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Washing and Cleaning A Waist Trainer

When you get a waist trainer for first time, you don’t have enough knowledge about it. So, you check experts’ recommendations to pick the best waist trainer for women that can reduce your waist size, support your back, spine & abdomen and also improve your posture. Millions of people own a waist trainer but most of them are confused about how to wash a waist trainer and how frequently. Here we provide some FAQs about washing and cleaning a waist trainer to make your task easier.

Q.1 Do you have to wash your waist trainer?

Yes, you have to wash your waist trainer regularly otherwise its inner surface will get dirt and bacteria buildup that will directly affect your skin, it may also lead to skin itching, irritation and other issues.

Q.2 How often do you wash your waist trainer?

The frequency of washing your waist trainer depends upon how often you are wearing it.

  • If you wear your waist trainer everyday then you should wash it two to three times in a week.
  • In case you wear your waist trainer two-three times in a week then wash it once in a week.
  • If you wear it occasionally i.e. once in a fortnight or month then wash your waist trainer once in a month.

Q.3 Can you machine wash a waist trainer?

NO, you should NEVER wash a waist trainer in a machine. The waist trainers are designed for hand wash and you must wash it by your hands only. If you try to machine wash a waist trainer, it will either damage your waist trainer or wash machine or both of them.

Q.4 How do you wash a waist trainer?

You can wash a waist trainer by soaking it into a bucket filled with soapy lukewarm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Then get the waist trainer out and rub it gently with your hands and again soak it into fresh water to remove all soap or shampoo. Finally, rinse it well with water and DON’T squeeze, just hang it out in normal temperature to dry. Please keep it away from direct sunlight when drying to save from fading and discolor effects.


Here we have explained the safest way to wash a waist trainer at home. We hope that you have got answers for all your doubts and queries regarding how to wash a waist trainer and how to dry it after washing. If you still have a question regarding washing or cleaning a waist trainer then you can ask us in the comment section. We will get back to and reply with a satisfactory answer soon.

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