CVS LEARNet – CVS Health Corporation has developed the CVS LEARNet Portal only for its Employees. Any other person cannot access this portal. Employees who are working with CVS Health or its subsidiary companies, can Login to CVS LEARNet Portal at But they must have their User ID and Password before they proceed to CVS LEARNet Login.

CVS Learnet

CVS LEARNet is a Portal dedicated to CVS Health Employees. CVS Health Corporation appoints Eligible Employees in CVS Health, CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic. After appointment, Employees need to go through Necessary Training. CVS Health provides such Training Information on CVS LEARNet Portal at


CVS LEARNet Portal is available in two different languages i.e. English and Spanish. So the Employees who don’t know English Language, can choose the Spanish option to Access CVS LEARNet Login in Spanish Language. However, Employees must possess their Login Credentials to Sign In to their CVS LEARNet Account.

Employee Registration on CVS LEARNet Portal

CVS LEARNet Portal does Not allow Online Employee Registration Facility. If you are a New Employee at CVS Health, Pharmacy or MinuteClinic, you need to contact CVS HR or IT Service Center for CVS LEARNet Registration. When you join CVS Health Corporation as an Employee, the company Adds Your Name in CVS Employees Data. Thereafter you will get your Employee ID and you can Request for your CVS LEARNet Password.

How to Login to CVS LEARNet Portal

When you Receive your Employee ID and Password from CVS Health, Only then you should attempt for CVS LEARNet Login. In case you have Not Received your CVS LEARNet Password, please contact CVS Health IT Service Center. Kindly go through the procedure explained here to know about First Time Login to CVS LEARNet Portal.

Easy Steps for CVS LEARNet Login:

  1. Log on to CVS LEARNet Portal at
  2. Read the Important Instructions displayed on screen.
  3. Navigate to Employee Login Section.
  4. Provide your User ID and Password (the Password is case sensitive).
  5. Click on Login button to Access your CVS LEARNet Account.
  6. You have successfully Logged in to CVS LEARNet Portal.

Set Security Questions and Answers:

When you Login to CVS LEARNet Portal for the first time, you need to Set Security Questions and Answers. Because when you Forget your Password later, you need to Answer these Security Questions to Reset the Password. In case you don’t set Security Questions & Answers at present, you will face more difficulties to Reset your Password in future. In such circumstances, you will have to contact CVS Health IT Service Center to provide you a New Password for CVS LEARNet Login.

Who can Login to CVS LEARNet Portal

All the Employees and Colleagues of CVS Health, CVS Pharmacy and MinuteClinic are eligible to Login and Access CVS LEARNet Portal. There are two categories of CVS Employees which are mentioned below:

  • All Colleagues can Login to CVS LEARNet Portal with their 7 Digit Employee ID and CVSLEARNet or MyHR Password.
  • Retail Corporate Colleagues can Login to CVS LEARNet Portal with their Network Windows ID (NT Login) and Password.

CVS LEARNet Synced Password

Your Password for CVS LEARNet Login is Synced with your RxConnect Password. So when you Change your CVS LEARNet Password, your RxConnect Password will also be Changed automatically.

CVS LEARNet Forgot Password

CVS LEARNet Password is useful for Employees to Login to their Account. But when you Forget the Password, you cannot Login until your Reset it. The Process of CVS LEARNet Forgot Password Reset is different for different categories Employees.

In case you Forgot CVS LEARNet Password,

  • Windows ID Users should contact the CVS Health IT Service Center at 1-855-280-ITSC i.e. 1-855-280-4872.
  • Store Users should contact the Retail Store Support Center at 866-528-7272.
  • All Other Employees and Colleagues should use the “Self-Serve Password Reset” link given on CVS LEARNet Portal.
  • Please note that “Self-Serve Password Reset” option can be used to Reset CVS LEARNet Password and/or MyHR CVS Password.

Self-Serve Password Reset: CVS LEARNet

CVS LEARNet Portal has “Self-Serve Password Reset” link just below the Employee Login Section. When you have Forgotten your Password for CVS LEARNet Login, you should click on the link given as “Self-Serve Password Reset”. In addition to Reset Forgot Password, you can do many activities on CVS LEARNet Portal as mentioned below:

  • Register for Password Reset
  • Change Password
  • Reset Password
  • Change Security Questions

On CVS LEARNet Self-Service Portal, you can Change the Password(s) associated with following User Login IDs:

  • Your Windows NT ID
  • Your Employee ID, Contractor ID etc.
  • RxClain/AS400
  • PeopleSafe/QL

Required Information to Access CVS LEARNet Self Service Portal

In order to use and access CVS LEARNet Self Service Portal (“Self-Serve Password Reset”), you must have following information:

  • A Unique ID (Employee ID, Contractor ID, ZID, Client ID)
  • Self Service/LDAP Password (For Change Password or Change Security Questions)
  • Email Address on File
  • Challenge Questions and Answers Set.

CVS Employees who are First Time Users of “Self-Serve Password Reset” option, may NOT know their Self Service/LDAP Password. Such Employees, in case of Forgot Password, should contact CVS Health IT Service Center (855-280-4872) or Retail Store Support Center (866-528-7272).

First Time Users who know the Self Service/LDAP Password, are required to Login with their User ID and Password to Change Password, Reset Forgot Password and Change Security Questions of CVS LEARNet Portal.


All the information given above about CVS LEARNet Login is true as per best of our knowledge and research. In case you have a doubt or query on any issue at CVS LEARNet Portal, kindly contact CVS HR  Department or CVS Health IT Service Center or Retail Support Service Center or visit CVS LEARNet Portal.

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