Kohls Charge Payments – Kohls Credit Card Bill Payment Options

Kohl’s Charge Payments – Kohls Credit Card Bill Payment Options: Kohls Credit Card is a great facility provided by Kohls Corporation to its Customers. The Credit Card is approved on the basis of Customer’s Gross Annual Income. Kohls Corporation does Not charge any Fees for Kohls Credit Card. But the Customers who have Kohls Credit Card, are required to pay Credit Card Bill time to time.

Kohls Charge Payments – Kohls Credit Card Bill Payment Options

When you buy something with Kohls Credit Card, you will get Minimum 25 Days Billing Cycle. So you are required to pay your Credit Card Bill within the period of Billing Cycle. Kohls Corporation allows its Customers to pay Kohls Credit Card Bill by Online Payment, Phone Payment, Mail Payment and In-Store Payment. Here we will discuss about All Payment Options and Pros & Cons of Kohls Credit Card to the Customers.

You can pay your Kohls Credit Card Bill by various payment methods given below:

  1. Online Payment through MyKohlsCharge Website
  2. Online Payment through Mobile Site or Kohl’s App
  3. Phone Payment by Automated Phone System
  4. Mail Payment
  5. In-Store Payment

You can choose any of the above options make payment of your Kohls Credit Card Bill to Kohls Corporation. Payment made after 07:00PM, by whatever method, will be considered in Next Date/Day. Let us see all the above Payment Options and procedure to pay MyKohlsCharge Bill through these methods:

Online Payment through MyKohlsCharge Website:

Kohls Credit Card Bill can be paid Online through MyKohlsCharge Login. You should have registered and obtained User Name & Password before you attempt to Login to MyKohlsCharge Website. Follow the Steps given below to Pay your Kohls Credit Card Bill Online:

  1. Go to MyKohlsCharge Website at www.mykohlscharge.com OR credit.kohls.com/eCustService/.
  2. Navigate to Sign In Section and provide your User Name & Password.
  3. Click on Submit button to Login to MyKohlsCharge Account.
  4. Go to Bills/Payment Section.
  5. Select your Kohls Credit Card Bill Details and view Current Bill.
  6. Select Online Payment Option to proceed.
  7. Enter your Debit Card details and make payment of Kohls Credit Card Bill.
  8. Pay the Kohls Credit Card Bill Online and Save Payment Receipt as proof.

Online Payment through Mobile Site or Kohl’s App:

MyKohlsCharge Website is available to open from Computer, Laptop and Smartphone i.e. Mobile. You can pay your Kohls Credit Card Bill by visiting MyKohlsCharge Website from Mobile or through Kohl’s App. You can download Kohl’s Application on your Mobile from App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android Smartphone). After downloading the Kohls’ App on your Cellphone, you must Link your Charge (Kohls Credit Card) with Kohl’s App. Only then you can Manage MyKohlsCharge Account through Mobile App.

Follow the Steps given below to Pay Kohls Credit Card Bill through Kohl’s App:

  1. Start Internet Data/WiFi and Open Kohl’s App.
  2. Make sure your Kohls Credit Card is linked with App.
  3. Go to Menu option given at top left of screeen.
  4. Select MyKohlsCharge option and Sign In with your User Name & Password.
  5. Select Bill Pay tab and provide the required information.
  6. Make Online Payment of Kohls Credit Card as asked.
  7. Save Bill Receipt as proof of payment.

Phone Payment by Automated Phone System:

In case you are unable to make Online Payment for Kohls Credit Card Bill, the Phone Payment facility is a great option. The Payments made by Phone are processed through Automated Phone System. However, you need to call MyKohlsCharge Service Number and provide some personal details to complete Phone Payment of your Kohls Credit Card.

  • MyKohlsCharge Service Number: (855) 564-5748
  • Phone Associate Person Available Timings: Monday to Saturday from 07:00AM to 09:00PM and Sunday from 08:00AM to 09:00PM.
  • Payments made up to 11:59PM will be considered in Today’s Date/Day.

You should call on above given MyKohlsCharge Service Number and ask the Associate Person for Payment. Then you need to provide your Debit Card Number and other details as asked by Associate Person. In case you want to Pay Kohls Credit Card Bill through Automated Clearing House (ACH/Electronic), you have to provide your Bank Account Number and Routing Number. Note down the Reference Number which you receive on Successful Phone Payment of your Kohls Credit Card Bill.

Mail Payment:

Kohls Credit Card Bill is also paid by Check. And when you send the Check to Kohl’s Payment Center’s Address, it is called Mail Payment. When you make payment by Cheque/Check, you should send/submit the Check before five days of your Bill Due Date. Because Kohls Corporation will charge Late Fee (Penalty) if the Credit Card Bill Payment is Not received before the Due Date.

In this method, you have to draw a Check and send the same to Kohl’s Payment Center’s Mail Address mentioned below:

Customers who reside in the following states: AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA and WV, may send payments to:

Kohl’s Payment Center
P.O. Box 30510
Los Angeles, CA 90030-0510

For Canadian Customers and Customers of Other States of United States:

Kohl’s Payment Center
P.O. Box 2983
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2983

In-Store Payment:

Kohls Credit Card Bill is also payable at nearby Kohls Store. Just go to a Kohls Department Store and make payment of your Credit Card Bill by Cash or Check or Debit Card or Money Order. Kohls Store also accepts Payment through Kohl’s Cares” Card. Kindly note that your Payment at Kohls Store will appear in your Statement on the Next Day of Payment, but the Actual Payment Date will be displayed.

Pros and Cons of Kohls Credit Card (Benefits and Limitations)

Kohls Credit Card comes with so many offers and discounts. You can use your Credit Card to buy anything from a wide range of products available at Kohls Department Stores. Kohls Credit Card also works with Online Shopping at www.kohls.com. Like other Credit Cards, Kohls Credit Card has some Pros and Cons which are mentioned as follows:

Pros/Benefits of Kohls Credit Card:

  • No Annual Fee for Kohls Credit Card.
  • 30% Discount on your First Purchase with Kohls Credit Card.
  • 15% Another Discount when your Credit Card arrives in the mail.
  • At least 12 Special Offers in a year.
  • Yes2You Rewards: Earn 1 Point on Spending $1 Dollar.
  • Free Shipping on Order of $75 Dollars or More.
  • Spend $600 Dollars to become Most Valuable Customer (MVC) and Receive 6 More Offers in a year. (i.e. 12 Offers + 6 Offers = 18 Offers)
  • Advance Notification of Kohl’s Charge Sales Events by Mail.
  • Free Online Bill Payment on MyKohlsCharge Website.
  • Receipt-Free Returns on any purchase made on Kohl’s Charge.
  • Access MyKohlsCharge Account by Sign Up & Login to www.mykohlscharge.com.

Cons/Limitations of Kohls Credit Card:


  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases is 26.49%. This APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate.
  • Penalty Annual Percentage Rate is 29.49%. This Penalty APR will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. This Penalty APR will be applicable to your Account if you fail to make any Minimum Payment by the date and time due (late payment); OR make a payment to us that is returned unpaid.
  • If you are charged periodic interest, the Minimum Interest Charge will be no less than $1 Dollar.
  • Penalty Fees for Late Payment will be up to $38 Dollars.


All the information mentioned above about Kohls Credit Card Bill Payment Options is true and authentic. In case you have a doubt/query on any matter, you can contact Kohls Service Centre or visit MyKohlsCharge Website at www.mykohlscharge.com OR credit.kohls.com/eCustService.

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