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CVS HR Department provides all facilities and services on MyHR CVS Portal. All CVS Health Employees can access these services and benefits by login to this portal. In case you have any problem in logging in, you should contact CVS MyHR Help Desk. CVS Health Corporation has a separate helpline number to help its employees regarding all the issues happened on MyHR CVS Portal.

CVS MyHR Help Desk is always available for CVS Health and MinuteClinic Colleagues. As an Employee of CVS, you can access your Paycheck, Tax details, Insurance Plans etc. on MyHR CVS Portal. When you can’t view any of these information or benefits, you can get help from MyHR CVS Help Desk. You should read the Help Guide and FAQs on MyHR CVS Portal before you contact CVS MyHR Help Desk.

CVS MyHR Help Desk

When you call on MyHR Helpline Number, you have to provide your Name and Employee ID as registered with CVS Health. With help of your personal details, the MyHR Executive will find your account information and check the issue you are facing. The MyHR Helpline Executive will listen to your problem and try to resolve it as soon as possible. Here we provide all Helpline Numbers of CVS MyHR Help Desk as under:

  • CVS Health IT Service Center for US Domestic: 1-855-280-ITSC (4872)
  • CVS Health IT Service Center for International/Outside US: 011-1-401-770-2500
  • CVS Retail Store Support Center for Store Users: 1-866-528-7272
  • MyHR CVS Service Center for US Domestic: 888-694-7287
  • MyHR CVS Service Center for International/Outside US: +1-312-291-5999

The Employees should call on CVS Health Helpline Number(s) given above in between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm E.T. from Monday through Friday.

CVS Health EthicsLine

CVS Health Corporation is committed to follow highest ethical standards in its business. As an Employee or Customer of CVS, you should also obey such ethical standards. If you find any unethical activity or misconduct at CVS Health, you should report it to EthicsLine. The CVS Health EthicsLine will keep your identity confidential and take action based on your complaint report.

How to Contact CVS Health EthicsLine

You can contact CVS Health EthicsLine by Phone or Online as follows:

CVS Health EthicsLine is available Toll Free in United States, Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada.

For more queries on CVS MyHR Help Desk for CVS Employee and CVS Health EthicsLine Support for CVS Employees and Customers, kindly visit MyHR CVS Portal Website at

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