How to Protect from Credit Card Dump

What is Credit Card Dump? How to Protect My Credit Card:

Credit Card is a very common payment option used by most people. Banks are selling credit cards to each and every customer. The purpose of credit card is to allow the customer to use bank’s money and pay interest on it every month. But there is a big risk of credit card dump and other forgeries happening with several credit card holders.

With increasing cyber crimes in the country, the credit card users have to be more alert. Hackers are using new techniques to steal credit card information and create a credit card dump. As a credit card holder, you must be aware of all these criminal activities. It will help you stay alert and protected against such frauds that can get your credit card details for an unauthorized use.

What is Credit Card Dump?

Credit Card Dump is an illegal copy of credit card. Every credit card contains a magnetic strip on back. The cyber crime frauds use this strip to create fake credit card with same information.

How Credit Card Dump is Created

A Credit Card Dump is created on the basis of stolen information of actual credit card. The hackers have hundreds of ways to steal your credit card information. It can happen that an unauthorized chip or device is attached with credit card swipe machine. It can be attached also with an ATM Machine. They can also install a malware (virus infected file) in card swiping device.

When you swipe your credit card in an infected device, your credit card is skimmed. Your card information gets stolen and soon the criminals will create a credit card dump. This dump is also called a fake credit card that contains your real card information.

Use of Credit Card Dump

Hackers use skimming devices and other tricks to read magnetic strip of credit card. That magnetic strip contains your credit card number, card expiration date and card holder’s name. The criminals use these details to make credit card dump which is also known as fake credit card. Once your credit card information is stolen, it can be used unlimited times.

The hackers will either use the fake credit card to do unauthorized transaction and the money will be charged to card holder’s account. Some hackers sell the credit card dumps online to other criminals. So the people who will buy such fake credit card, will use it for their online payments. So they can spend your money by using credit card dump.

Is My Card Information Stolen for Credit Card Dump?

After knowing about credit card dump, you may be worried about your credit card. Perhaps you want to know if your credit card information is already stolen. Well, the answer is simple. There is no way to check the credit card dump status unless it is used by somebody.

If your credit card statement shows any unauthorized transaction then you need to contact your bank or credit card customer service. In case that transaction is neither done by you or the bank, you should instantly submit a request for blocking your credit card.

How to Protect Credit Card from getting Hacked/Skimmed

Credit Card is very useful for making online payments and buying stuff on EMI. But there is a huge risk of hacking of credit card information. If you own a credit card then you should know about the steps to protect your credit card from cyber crime. Because you will face a huge loss if somebody hacks your credit card and use it for their payments. These payments will be added to your credit card bill and you will have to pay it.

Here we provide some important points for protecting your credit card from getting skimmed or hacked.

Use Credit Card with EMV Chip

Credit Card Industries have introduced EMV Chip Credit Cards to prevent hacking issues. With such credit card, the machines have chip readers. So your credit card information remains fully encrypted and nobody can steal it. The chances of hacking gets reduced to very low when you have an EMV Chip Credit Card. But there is still a risk of hacking if the chip reader is not installed or enabled in swipe machine.

Check your Credit Card Transactions and Monthly Statement

Every bank and credit card industry provides online banking and mobile banking services. You should have your credit card login account. It is recommended to use your bank’s credit card app to access your card information and transactions. You must check your credit card payments & receipts everyday. You should also check your credit card statement every month. Because this is the only way to know about unauthorized use of your credit card.

Don’t Share Your Credit Card Information

You must not share your credit card information with anyone. Most people get their credit card details leaked after sharing it over internet. If you need to share your credit card details to your friend or family member or relative, give it by the safest way.

Don’t Handover Your Credit Card to Anyone

When you need to pay your bill at a mall, restaurant or gas station, you should keep the credit card in your hand. You should swipe it in machine with your hands and put it back in safe place. Don’t handover your credit card to any person, it may cost you a lot in future.

Don’t Swipe Your Credit Card in Suspected Devices

When you pay your bill(s) using your credit card, you should check the swiping device. If an unknown device is attached with card swiping machine then you must not swipe your credit card in it. You should not swipe your card if the device is malfunctioning or not working properly. When you swipe your credit card in suspected devices, the risk of credit card dump, hacking and skimming is much higher. Therefore you should avoid using your credit card at doubtful place to keep it safe for long time.

Thus, Credit Card Dump is a threat when you are careless. But you can protect your credit card by using it carefully.

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