SunTrust Bank Routing Number and Locations Near Me

SunTrust Bank Routing Number – Find SunTrust Bank Near Me: SunTrust Bank is one of the subsidiaries of SunTrust Banks, Incorporation. SunTrust Bank Routing Number is a nine digit numeric code provided by American Bankers Association. You can find out the SunTrust Routing Transit Number of your Home Branch of SunTrust Bank on your Check and on its website at

SunTrust Bank has separate Routing Numbers for different branches. In addition, there are different Routing Numbers for Paper Transaction, ACH/Electronic Transaction and Wire Transfer. If you want to perform a Paper Transaction, you can get SunTrust Routing Number on its Check, while the ABA Routing Number for ACH & Wire Transfer can be found online.

SunTrust Routing Number (State wise/ Branch wise List of SunTrust Routing Number)

In order to know SunTrust Routing Number for all branches in various states/regions of United States, just go through the table given below:

SunTrust Bank Branch Name Concerned City and State SunTrust Routing Number (ABA/RTN)
SunTrust Orlando, Florida 051000020
SunTrust Orlando, Florida 053100465
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 055002707
SunTrust Orlando, Florida 061000104
SunTrust Bank Northwest Ga Orlando, Florida 061100790
SunTrust Orlando, Florida 063102152
SunTrust Bank Skylight Orlando, Florida 063106750
SunTrust Orlando, Florida 064000046
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 084006952
Prepaid SunTrust Orlando, Florida 053274074
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 054000522
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 056001079
SunTrust Bank Augusta Ga Orlando, Florida 061100334
SunTrust Bank Middle Ga Orlando, Florida 061100473
SunTrust Bankwest Ga Orlando, Florida 061100619
SunTrust Bank Ne Ga Orlando, Florida 061100664
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Ga Orlando, Florida 061103043
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Ga Orlando, Florida 061103632
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Ga Orlando, Florida 061103742
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Ga Orlando, Florida 061104246
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Ga Orlando, Florida 061104437
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Ga Orlando, Florida 061119451
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Ga Orlando, Florida 061119927
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Ga Orlando, Florida 061191877
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 061200030
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 061200878
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 061212248
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 061213357
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 061300419
SunTrust Bank North Florida Orlando, Florida 063002346
SunTrust Bank N Central Florida Orlando, Florida 063100727
SunTrust Bank Nature Coast Orlando, Florida 063101344
SunTrust Bank Mid Florida Orlando, Florida 063105269
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 063105308
SunTrust Orlando, Florida 063105900
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 063106569
SunTrust Bk Gulf Coast Orlando, Florida 063110843
SunTrust Bk Central Florida Richmond 063206090
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Ga Orlando, Florida 064003399
SunTrust Bank Atlanta Ga Orlando, Florida 064203429
SunTrust Bank East Tenn Orlando, Florida 064207441
SunTrust Bank Miami Florida Orlando, Florida 066000604
SunTrust Bank Southwest Florida Orlando, Florida 067001479
SunTrust Bank South Florida Orlando, Florida 067006076
SunTrust Orlando, Florida 067010266
SunTrust Orlando, Florida 067010907
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 084000013
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 084007427
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 251473952
SunTrust Bank Orlando, Florida 253272177

The SunTrust Routing Number List mentioned above is useful for Direct Deposit, Fund Transfer and other Transactions as well. So you can use all SunTrust Routing Numbers for Paper and ACH/Electronic Transaction. However, SunTrust Routing Number 061000104 is the only ABA Number that supports Wire Transfer Service.

Find SunTrust Routing Number on Check

SunTrust Routing Number on Check

SunTrust Routing Number is also available on its Check. You can find the Routing Number and ACH RTN on front side of SunTrust Bank’s Check. In addition to Routing Transit Number, the Check contains your Bank Account Number and Check Number.

In order to find out SunTrust Routing Number on Check, you should move towards bottom. The ABA Routing Number in mentioned at left corner at bottom of the Check. And the ACH RTN (Routing Number for Electronic Transaction and Wire Transfer) is printed just above your Account Number as shown in picture of SunTrust Bank’s Check.

Find SunTrust Routing Number through Online Banking Login

SunTrust Online Banking is one of the fastest ways to find out SunTrust Routing Number. You can Sign Up for Online Banking through SunTrust Website at After completion of Registration, you can Login to SunTrust Online Banking at anytime from anywhere.

In order to access SunTrust Online Banking, you should have a Computer, Internet Connection, your User ID and Password. Once you are able to Login to your Online Banking Account, you can easily find SunTrust Routing Number.

Steps to Get SunTrust Routing Number through Online Banking:

  1. Go to SunTrust Bank’s Website at
  2. Select Sign On option given on right side at top of homepage.
  3. Enter your User ID and Password as asked.
  4. Click on > (Login) button to Sign In to your Account.
  5. Find and Select Account Summary/Info tab.
  6. Navigate to SunTrust Routing Number and note it down for reference.

Find SunTrust Routing Number through Customer Care Helpline

SunTrust Customer Care Number is very active to provide anytime service to Bank’s Customers. When you have no access to internet, you should prefer calling SunTrust Customer Care Helpline and ask them about SunTrust Routing Number. You can contact the SunTrust Customer Care from anywhere in the United States and abroad.

When you call SunTrust Customer Care Number, the Service Executive will ask your Name, Account Number etc. details. Thereafter, he/she will provide SunTrust Routing Number. Here we provide SunTrust Customer Care Number as follows:

  • SunTrust Customer Care Number: 1-800-SUN-TRUST i.e. 1-800-786-87878

Find SunTrust Bank Near Me

It is obvious that you know your SunTrust Branch Address where you opened your Bank Account. But SunTrust Bank has 1400+ Branches and 2200+ ATMs in various regions of United States. When you are travelling at different cities, you should find nearby SunTrust Bank Branches and ATMs for your convenience.

How to find SunTrust Bank Branch Near Me

Follow the steps given below to find out your nearby SunTrust Bank Branch:

  1. Go to SunTrust Bank Website at
  2. Navigate to bottom of the page and select the link Find Branch.
  3. Now either you can browse SunTrust Bank Branches by State or search the branch in/near your desired location.
  4. Enter City Name or ZIP Code and click on Search button.
  5. The List of SunTrust Bank Branches will be displayed on screen.
  6. Note down the SunTrust Bank Branch Address and Working Hours details.

How to find SunTrust Bank ATM Near Me

Follow the steps given below to Search SunTrust ATM near your place:

  1. Open SunTrust Bank Website at
  2. Go to bottom of homepage and click on Find ATM link.
  3. Select State Name to see whole list of SunTrust ATM in that state or enter City Name or ZIP Code of your choice.
  4. Click on Search button to proceed.
  5. The List of SunTrust ATMs near your location will be displayed on computer screen.
  6. Note down the Address of SunTrust ATM for your reference.

In September 1891, SunTrust was granted as Commercial Travelers’ Savings Bank by Georgia General Assembly. After two years (1893), the bank was restructured as a trust company and renamed as Trust Company of Georgia.

Sun Bank was founded in 1911 as The People’s National Bank. It failed to survive in 1930, reorganized itself in 1934 as First National Bank at Orlando. In 1973 , the bank merged with all Orlando Banks to become Sun Banks.

In 1985, Trust Company of Georgia merged with Sun Banks and the new company formed as SunTrust Banks, Inc. Thereafter, SunTrust purchased Crester Financial Corporation of Richmond in 1998 to expand its service area to Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia.


All the information given above about SunTrust Routing Number is true and authentic. In case you have a doubt on any Routing Number, SunTrust Bank and ATM Locations or other details, kindly contact SunTrust Customer Care Number or visit nearby SunTrust Branch or go to SunTrust Website at

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