What is a Routing Number? How to find Routing Number on Check

What is a Routing Number? – How to find Routing Transit Number on a Check:

A Routing Number is an important number for Banks and their Customers. Every Bank of United States has a Unique Routing Number which identifies the Bank or Financial Institution. American Bankers Association provides Routing Number to each Bank/Financial Institution since 1910.

American Bankers Association is entitled to issue Routing Number to every New Bank and Financial Institution. Moreover, a separate Routing Transit Number is allotted for different regions and branches. A Routing Number is used for so many financial activities and procedures.

What is a Routing Number?

Routing Number is a Nine Digit Numeric Code that defines your Bank’s identity and geographical location in the United States. The Routing Number is also known as Routing Transit Number (RTN) and ABA Number.

What is the use of a Routing Number?

A Routing Number is useful in many financial transactions which are mentioned below:

  1. Direct Deposit
  2. Tax Return Deposit
  3. Transfer Money/Funds between Banks
  4. Allow Direct Debit option to Pay Bills

The Routing Number helps to find Bank Name and exact place/region of Bank Branch. That is why, above transactions need your Bank’s Routing Transit Number. When you Transfer Funds from your Home Branch to other branch of same bank or different bank, Routing Number plays an important role. The sender and receiver banks recognize each other by their Routing Numbers.

When you choose Auto Pay or Direct Debit option in your Bank Account, you have to provide Routing Number. It will help them to find out from which bank branch/finance center the money should be debited. You also need Routing Number when you make Tax Payment or claim for Tax Refund.

Role of Routing Number in Online and Offline Fund Transfer

A Routing Number has the key role to complete Fund Transfer Transactions between two banks and financial institutions. American Bankers Association generates Routing Transit Number (RTN) for Paper Transaction, Electronic Transaction (ACH) and Wire Transfer suppose to happen among banks in the United States.

Generally, ABA/Routing Number is the same for Paper Transaction and Automated Clearing House (ACH)/Electronic Transaction. But some banks have separate Routing Transit Number for different kind of transactions. However, sometimes a Routing Number may support Paper and ACH Transaction only and not the Wire Transfer.

Where to find Routing Number?

Routing Number is available on various documents provided by your Bank or Financial Institution. You can easily find out your Bank’s Routing Transit Number on such documents. Here we will discuss about all important documents which contain ABA/Routing Number of your Bank.

List of Documents containing Routing Number

Following documents include Routing Number (ABA Number) of respective Bank of United States.

  1. Check (Personal Check, Business Check)
  2. Bank Statement
  3. ABA Routing Number Lookup
  4. Bank’s Website
  5. Online Banking Login
  6. Bank’s Customer Service Helpline/Number

Let us know How to find Routing Number through various methods in detail.

01. How to find Routing Number on a Check:

Routing Number is found on front of a Check. You can easily find the Routing Number at the bottom of the Check. Every Bank of United States provides two types of Checks i.e. Personal Check and Business Check. Personal Check is for Individual Person and Business Check for Businessman and Corporate.

On a Personal Check, Routing Number is printed at bottom on left side, then Account Number in the middle and Check Number at the end. While on a Business Check, Routing Number is mentioned at bottom middle in between Account Number and Check Number as shown in the pictures above.

02. How to find Routing Number in Bank Statement:

Your Bank Statement also contains Routing Number. When you see the Bank Statement, you will Bank’s Name at the top. Then your Account Number and Routing Number are mentioned on upper left side. Thereafter, the Debit and Credit Transactions are described in the Bank Statement. You can easily obtain your Bank Statement from Bank Branch or through Online Banking Login.

03. How to find Routing Number through ABA Routing Number Lookup:

American Bankers Association provides Routing Number to all Banks and Financial Institutions of United States. If you live in USA, you must have a Bank Account with at least one bank. You can find out Routing Number of any bank on ABA’s Website. Kindly follow the steps given below to find out your Bank’s Transit Number through ABA Routing Number Lookup.

  1. Go to ABA Website at routingnumber.aba.com.
  2. Enter your Bank/Financial Institution Name, City, State etc. details.
  3. Tick the box to validate that you are a person.
  4. Click on Search button to find out your Bank’s Routing Number.
  5. Your ABA Routing Number will appear on screen, note it down.

04. How to find Routing Number on Bank’s Website:

You can get to know the Routing Number by visiting your Bank’s Website. Each Bank of United States provides Routing Numbers of all branches on its website. You don’t need to Login to get the Routing Transit Number, but you have to provide your Account Type and/or State Name for which you want Routing Number. Here we provide a simple procedure to get Routing Number on Bank’s Website as follows:

  1. Log on to your Bank’s Website.
  2. Find out Help or Banking section and select it.
  3. Then click on Routing Number link to proceed.
  4. Provide your State/Region Name and other details as asked.
  5. Submit the details to search your Routing Number Online.
  6. Your Bank’s Routing Number will be displayed on screen.
  7. Save the Routing Number for personal use.

05. How to find Routing Number through Online Banking Login:

Online Banking Login is the easiest way to find your Bank’s Routing Number. However, you can get Routing Number of your Home Branch Only. You must have Online Banking Account and a computer with internet connection to utilize this service. Just go through the steps given below:

  1. Go to your Bank’s Website.
  2. Find and Select LOGIN or Online Banking option.
  3. Enter your Online ID or Username and Password.
  4. Click on Login/Sign In/Sign On button to proceed.
  5. After Login, select Account Details/Activity/Information tab.
  6. Navigate to Routing Number and note it down for future use.

06. How to find Routing Number through Bank’s Customer Service Helpline:

You can contact your Bank’s Customer Service Helpline to get Routing Number. All public and private banks in United States provide 24 Hours Customer Care Service. However, the Executives are available during daytime only. You can call on your Bank’s Customer Care Number and ask them Routing Number of any branch of your Bank. The Customer Service Executive will verify your Account Number and then give you the Routing Number.


All the information about What is a Routing Number? mentioned above is true and authentic. If you have any questions regarding Routing Number or How to find the Routing Number on Check or Online, kindly visit your Bank or contact Customer Service Helpline Number or visit your Bank’s official website.


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