Top 10 Checking Accounts with No ATM Fees

Top 10 Checking Accounts with No ATM Fees:

Checking Account is opened for people who want to do many transactions every month. Some bank accounts come with monthly limits, therefore banks come with a new concept of checking account. In order to get rid of deposit limit and withdrawal limit, you have to open a checking account with any respectable bank.

Most people still believe that checking accounts are free of cost. Well, there was a time when all banks used to provide free checking accounts, but now the time and rules are changed. Banks provide checking account with various fees and charges subject to get waived off if you meet certain conditions given by bank.

What is Free Checking Account?

A Free Checking Account is one that allows customer to open an account with no minimum balance, no monthly fee and no ATM fees. However, such checking accounts are easy to find with us. Just refer our list of Best Free Checking Accounts and get the best option available for you.

Checking Account with No ATM Fees

ATM Fees means the fee charged by your bank when you are using your ATM Card in an Automated Teller Machine. Some banks charge no-fee for using their own ATM Machines for cash withdrawal. But the customers have to pay ATM Fees for using out of network i.e. other bank ATMs.

Reimbursement on ATM Fees charged by Other Banks

When you use your ATM Card in other bank ATM Machine, you will be charged ATM Fees. These fees will be deducted from your checking account funds. There are some banks in USA which reimburse the ATM Fees/Charges deducted from your account for using out of network ATMs.

ATM Fees for Using International or Abroad ATM

When you are out of country, you may not find your bank’s ATM Machine. Not all US banks have ATMs in other countries, so you have to use other bank’s ATM to withdraw money from your checking account. You will be charged with ATM Fees for using other bank ATM in abroad. There are hardly a few banks which offer reimbursement on International ATM Fees.

Top 10 Checking Accounts with No ATM Fees

We have conducted a survey to find out best checking account which also offer no-fee for ATM. You will be glad to know that we have found top 10 checking accounts with No ATM Fees which are mentioned as under:

01. Bank5 Connect Checking Account

You can open Bank5 Connect Checking Account with only $10. Once the checking account is opened, you don’t need to keep any minimum balance. But you have to keep the balance of $100 only if you wish to earn interest on your checking account. There is No ATM Fees for using Bank5 ATMs and Reimbursement up to $15 per month on charges taken by other bank ATMs.

02. Simple Bank Checking Account

Simple Bank offers a checking account with no monthly fee. You don’t need to deposit a fixed amount to open checking account. There is no maintenance fee and no minimum balance requirement. Simple Bank has more than 55000 ATMs and there is No ATM Fee to use them.

03. Discover Bank Checking Account

Discover Bank allows you to open checking account without any minimum opening balance rule. In addition, you don’t have to keep minimum balance after your checking account is opened. Discover Bank allows free access to its more than 60,000 ATMs across the country. You don’t need to pay the ATM Fee for using any Discover Bank ATM.

04. Axos Bank Checking Account

Axos Bank provides free of cost checking account to all customers. You can open a checking account without any opening deposit and minimum balance. Axos Bank provides unlimited reimbursement for the charges of using other bank ATMs.

05. Ally Bank Checking Account

Ally Bank offers free opening of checking account without minimum deposit or minimum balance rules. You don’t need to pay any ATM Fee for using Ally Bank ATMs and the bank will reimburse Whole ATM Fees charged by other banks.

06. Charles Schwab Bank Checking Account

Charges Schwab Bank provides reimbursement on charges for using other bank ATMs in USA and abroad. You can open a checking account at Charles Schwab Bank without minimum opening deposit, minimum balance and monthly maintenance fee.

07. Capital One 360 Checking Account

Capital One 360 is a popular checking account, because it provides many facilities with lowest possible cost. There is no minimum opening balance or minimum balance. Moreover, customers can use all Capital One ATMs at free of cost.

08. USAA Classic Checking Account

USAA Federal Savings Bank is only for american military members, veterans and their families. In order to open a free checking account with USAA, you must belong to a military family. It does not require minimum balance or monthly fee. Moreover, you can use more than 60,000 USAA ATMs without paying any ATM Fee.

09. Bank of Internet USA Checking Account

Bank of Internet USA is the online only bank. It means you won’t get the chance to visit branch after opening a checking account. You have to open checking account with at least $100, but you don’t need to keep it as minimum balance. Bank of Internet USA provides unlimited reimbursement on ATM Fees charged for using other bank ATMs.

10. Independent Bank Checking Account

Independent Bank allows the customers to open checking account with $100 only. However, the minimum balance for checking account is nil. The Independent Bank never charges a penny for using their ATMs and it also reimburses (up to $20 per billing cycle) the charges taken by other bank ATMs.

So you can now choose your desired bank from above to open a checking account with No ATM Fees and enjoy the services.

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