Amazing Games to Play in Your Home Backyard

During the summer days, kids are on vacation. The kids always want to play something the gives them fun. If you have a backyard then you can create many possibilities for your children. There are plenty of games that you can your kids can play in your home backyard.

Some children are stuck to their TV and video games. As a parent, it is your responsibility to encourage your kids to get involved in some physical activities on daily basis. Playing in the home backyard not only gives some exercise but also develops balance, coordination and other skills in the kids.

#1. Giant Jenga

You may have seen the small Jenga set for indoor play. The Jenga is the most favorite game for kids of all ages as well as adults. In order to play in your home backyard, you cannot use the indoor Jenga kit as it is too small. We recommend you to buy the Giant Jenga Set and play Jenga game with your kids in the backyard.

The Jenga set comes as wood pieces in rectangle shape in the multiple of 3. First you need to set up a building with 3 wood pieces straight lying on a flat surface and 3 more pieces in perpendicular. After all the pieces are used and the building is complete, the players are required to pull one piece from any row except the top and put it back again on the top. The player who pulls a piece and the building collapses will lose the game.

#2. Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt is one of the best and most interesting games to play for kids. But it is not a ready to play game, you need to prepare some things like hide some exciting prizes at different places of your backyard. Thereafter, prepare a detailed map of backyard and mark X sign where the prizes are stored.

Thereafter, you should explain your kids how to play Treasure Hunt in the home backyard. Give the backyard map to the kids and ask them to start finding the treasure i.e. the prizes you have hidden at various places. The Treasure Hunt game is safe to play and it can keep the kids busy for a long period.

#3. Jump on a Trampoline

A trampoline is designed to provide unlimited bouncing fun to kids of all ages. You should add the best trampolines With Basketball Hoop for backyard so that your children can play on it. All the kids love to jump on the trampoline as it pushes them back in the air.

An outdoor trampoline comes in various sizes from 8 ft to 16 ft and above. You should get a 15ft trampoline if you have enough space for it. It will provide a large jumping area for the kids so that they can jump without the fear and enjoy playing on it for hours.

#4. Soda Bowling

The Soda Bowling is a joyful game to play in your home backyard. For that, you need t arrange some stuff like a big size ball (inflatable ball), pool noodles, a small carpet and a few empty soda bottles.

First of all, spread the small carpet on a flat surface and put the pool noodles around. Make sure the pool noodles cover 3 sides and keep 1 side open. Arrange empty soda bottles inside the area covered by pool noodles and push the ball towards bottles to hit them.

The Soda Bowling game can be more fun when there are 3 or more kids ready to play it. Ask each kid to push the ball smoothly on the carpet to hit the bottles. The kid who hits more bottles will win the game.

#5. Hit the Target

Hit the Target Game is designed for improving the target shooting skill among kids. In order to play this game, you should have a spacious area with no obstacles. You can arrange this game for your children in your home backyard.

You need to get a foam ball and some household things that you don’t use or are unbreakable. Such things are bath buckets, empty plastic bottles, colorful pillows and other things. If there is a tree in the backyard, you can hang the target things on its branch. If there is no tree then you should put them in upright position on a flat surface.

Once the target things are positioned properly, you can begin the game. Ask all the kids to stand straight at least 8 to 10 ft away from the target and try to hit the target with a foam ball. Each kid should get 3 chance so that they can learn how to throw the foam ball to hit their desired target(s).

In this way, you can play some amazing games with your children in your home backyard. We hope these games are useful to keep your kids happy and entertained for a long period.


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